30 Days to Learn to Fly

Tumblr for NaPoWriMo

Writing a poem everyday for the month of April

22/04/13 Automatic Writing

Flowing youth with six golden memories of repetition.
Stop this naive world away from our own.
It’s fake.
A projection of something sweeter than reality.
When it rained she laughed, simply play with the rain.
Soak away his image.
Find another line to say.

21/04/13 Him.

He grinned with venom,
It dripped down his chin.
He promised you heaven,
Hid the devil within,
Your eyes set ablaze,
Watch your life pour away.
A new willing victim.
Another new prey. 


It was like being given a box of chocolates only to discover nuts and bolts inside. I thought I knew what I was getting, the outcome was pretty surprising….

19/04/13 Finally

It was grey.
Bleak clouds hung motionless.
Mortal parasites head from A to B.
No smile splinters the leaden expanse.
How uninspiring colourless skies can be.
Everything became a bore.

Today it’s blue.
The sun has returned from the sheets of fiction.
There is a revived vitality in the air.
She glistens on souls who recall they can smile.
How inspiring optimistic skies can be.
Ready to go?

18/04/13 Steps

Misplaced found it.
Forgotten left it under the bed.
It was taken away by Missing.
Neglected had to give it a clean.
Lost hasn’t found it yet.

17/04/13 Flame

Curling on the tremble of a once pristine string of wax,
The spirit loiters, her faded feet suspended over the edge.
She’s exquisite yet deadly.
Unmoving yet dancing.
Her very flesh creates heat intoxicating enough to pierce your heart.
But her grin licks pain over your naivety. 

16/04/13 Laugh

Ribs aching,
Tears streaming,
Lips tight,
Teeth gleaming,
Friends collapsing.
Laughing with me.

15/04/13 Dream Diary

I’ve started a dream diary,
Compiled of near illegible scrawls,
From such early morning slumber.
The clumsy pencil reads of dread,
Fear, cunning and escape.
It reads of invention gone wrong.

Splendid lodgings of royals,
Filled with tourists.
Ornant artefacts laid behind glass,
Jewellery filled with curses.
Origami birds.
Old teachers seeking my blood.
Compact crowds of fellow students.
Stealth, games, gardens.

It speaks of a kiss.

A kiss from a hero,
A random boy of my creation.

It speaks of abandonment. 

A lost hero,
A boy who stood down to save himself.

No memory of beginnings or ends.

14/04/13 Tricks

A simple alluring blush,
It conceals trickery.
Hidden anxiety. 
Cherry damp lips
They smile over torture,
Over hours of toil.
Sultry uttered words,
Speak across the loathing.
Flawless unblemished flesh,
It screams time.

She wasn’t created that way,
She sacrifices herself for you.
It’s only what you expect.

13/04/13 Icarus

It was the prior Tuesday that he flew. 
His naked feet coiled with the greenery,
A precipice below him supported by ocean.
His gaze was fixed at the overcast sun,
By no means should this not work,
His designs were flawless.
His intellect was faultless.

With one passionate leap he sprung forward,
The breeze grasping the plumage,
Producing taut twangs from the wispy supports.
For a moment his gut plummeted.
Within a second however it was soaring,
Airborne with the rest of his 
conceited frame.

There was nothing to stop him.

It was his last Tuesday that he flew.
The golden sun lit his journey to a new land.